The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

  Wake up call for those who want to control.

Republicans / Democrats wake and look what is happing with  We The People.

 R & D it just realy doesent matter much anymore folks are not trusting either.Think what that means.

I hear ideas from both sides things that all sounds good but in the end it means nothing they are just a play on words. I have heard if we are in control things would change.

How many times has one said this is what I am going to do today and in this order.Only to change plans in the middle of the road by outside events or just plain acts of God.

We can make the plan but cannot plan the out come of things. 

Those who set the stage and try to manipulate people are shocked when it doesnet play out as planed.

To lose oneself in lust for Power and Control one will be lost in this quest.


This is how I have come to rely on FAITH that only God is in True Control.


Moving forward that we must do,
any action taken only through God can it be True...
If you must only if in God you Trust,
do what needs done for he gave his only Son ...


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