The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

At the last meeting, I promised to repost info on some of my starter suggestions of conservative films for which we might sponsor local screenings.

Indoctrinate U - doc about campus bias, getting terrific buzz

Media Malpractice - doc on unbalanced coverage of the '08 election, internet and YouTube sensation

Rendezvous with Destiny - Newt's doc on Ronald Reagan, I can't wait to see this one

The Birth of Freedom - the Acton Institute's film on the role of Western Civilization and Christianity in shaping our understanding of freedom and its value

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - Ben Stein's famous doc on Darwinian orthodoxy

I will help head up the efforts (via ad hoc committee or whatever) to see about getting the State Theatre for an event like this and then exploring the details of scheduling and securing rights to screen the films.

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Hi Chris - You might consider The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper and Patrica Neal. Given the current explosion of interest in Ayn Rand's work, it might be an interesting choice. Certainly would generate discussion.


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