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Warning to Tea Party Organizers using Meetup’s Software platform.

Fact: ---Direct Quote from Meetup HQ’s --- “Our contracts with organizers give Meetup the right to block anyone at any time.”

I have posted a Warning before about Meetup headquarters ---Censorship--- of Tea Party Organizers and their Members who believe in their Creator God and the Constitution.
Here is follow up with verification by replies from Meetup HQ.

These are the Meetup groups I am talking about:

Fact: ---This Tea Party Meetup software set up has total control over each individual Organizer’s personal group and can and has dictated who each Local organizer can or cannot decide to allow in their Local tea party group.

Fact: ---This control is unknown to most Organizers until they find themselves at odds with Meetup Headquarters.

Below you shall read what I asked Meetup HQ’s about their actions and their answers.

My reply to Rando Torres, Meetup Community Team Specialist, Meetup HQ

”What inappropriate use did I commit that caused me to be in violation and commit a Constitutional Crime to allow you and meetup to violate my freedom of Speech and Press?”

”What gives you and meetup the Authority to ---violate each individual group organizers--- Civil Rights, by blocking me from their website ---when they want me on their individual sites?”

”Any organizer who is paying for your services is in a contractual agreement, and I believe you are violating their contract”. ---Randy Due---

---Reply #1: Rando Torres, Community Team Specialist ---“Incident # 1978554”

Hello Randy,

”Your use of the Meetup platform has been deemed inappropriate, therefore we've blocked your account.”

”Meetup reserves the right to remove ---members, groups, and content--- from the site that is not in the spirit of Meetup”. --------(Belief in our Creator God and the Constitution must be against the spirit of some at Meetup HQ’s?) ---My question--

---- Reply #2: Antonio Ortiz, Community Manager---“Incident # 1994983”

“Your account was blocked because we determined you were in violation of our Terms of Service, which is an agreement you made with Meetup when you created your account.”

“Section 5.3 of our Terms of Service prohibits posting material that is inappropriate or contrary to the spirit of ---any--- Meetup Group”.

“Our contracts with organizers give Meetup the right to block ---anyone--- at any time.”

------------My Comments-------------

Fact: ---Did you notice Meetup HQ’s stated ---anyone--, which includes any member or Organizer of any Tea Party?

Fact: ---Any Tea Party group Organizers or Members may be removed from using the Meetup software platform, ---if your Group offends any Anti-God folks either in Meetup HQ’s or any other Anti-God meetup groups!

This proves Meetup HQ’s and meetup groups have been infiltrated by Anti-God Liberals who are Trashing and Trampling on our Creator God and the Constitution.

Fact: --- Meetup groups are no longer a safe or Godly platform to utilize if you are Seeking to Stop these Liberals from Trashing and Trampling on all of our Freedoms, Rights and Liberties and the Constitution!

Fact: --- You can no longer rely on Meetup groups for the Truth anymore when Meetup HQ’s can and has banned anyone from all Local groups for sharing the Truth!

Past articles I have posted:

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You can enter the names of these posts and do a search on the Internet to find them for your review and you decide if I am sharing Truths and fighting for our Creator and the Constitution!

What are ---YOU--- going to do to Protect your Kids Future Freedoms, Rights and Liberties from these Liberals?

“The world is a Dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are Evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ----Albert Einstein---

Organizers must get --- E-mail addresses and Hard copy address and phone # contact--- of your members because these Anti-God Liberals shall restrict your Internet contact abilities. In the future these Anti-God Liberals shall attempt to Stop the use of the internet to communicate by. It will be Absolutely necessary to have another way to stay in touch.

Warning to all Organizers: If you do not have your members e-mail accounts, you will not be able to reach your members; If Meetup decides to block your member’s accounts.

If Meetup decides for any reason at any time to block all your members accounts, you will have no way to reach your membership.

The War is between Good and Evil! --- Evil people never obey the laws, they never have, they never will ---- Laws are useless without People of Good Will standing against Evil!

Another article by ---Duzey

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