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"You Are NOT Alone!"

I have sent this message to everyone in my address book. It's a call to action. You are welcome to use it as a basis for you own message. I sent it Friday, July 17 and have already had responses.


You know that we are not in the habit of espousing our political views on a regular basis. However, the urgency of the situation our country is facing has spurred us to action.

First, let us say that no organization or political party has asked us to "write to all your friends and say ..." We are just regular citizens who are very concerned about the direction our country seems to be heading. And, at breakneck speed.

Our national debt has just recently exceeded $1 Trillion; and that's just since January 1. That is more than at any time in our history and we still have 6 months to go in the year. No, Mr. Biden, we cannot avoid national bankruptcy by spending more money.

To add to the crushing, future debt, Congress is considering two pieces of legislation. First is called Cap and Trade. The other is Health Care Reform. Even the Congressional Budget Office has concluded that neither program will have its desired impact and will only add to our rising debt.

Cap and Trade, boiled down to its essence, is a tax on those who pollute. Examples include those who produce electricity, gasoline, and heating fuel, to name a few. These companies will have no choice but to pass on those expenses to their consumers in higher prices for their products (that's you and me). This will have even more dire consequences on those who can afford it least: the poor.

The Congressional Budget Office projects that the health care reform package as currently proposed will cost at least $1.5 Trillion, with no savings in health care costs at any time. Universal health care does not work and we only have to look at Great Britain or Canada to see our future. Life saving treatments or therapies are denied because they are deemed to be too expensive. We need to make affordable health care available to more people, but a government program is not the answer.

We are urging you as our friends to contact your U.S. Representative and Senators. Tell them that you will be watching how they vote on these issues. Let them know that you vote and their actions will have a significant impact on your actions in the voting booth. If you are so inclined, tell them you might even work for their opposition.

These bills are being pushed through at a speed second only to the growth of our national debt. Votes are to be taken as early as August, before their Summer Recess. The only way to stop them is to let your legislators know that they are being watched and that you will remember come election time.

Contact information for your Representative or Senators is available from

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope it spurs you to action; before it's too late.

Your friends,

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