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Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann Attack Glenn Beck


Friday night on 'Real Time with Bill Maher', Maher, his panel, and "special guest" Keith Olbermann railed against Glenn Beck, mocking him for crying on TV, and accusing him of creating a mob mentality that could lead to someone trying to kill Obama.

It was completely overthetop, even for Leftist nuts like those guys. I hope Glenn has something to say about it today and responds with a challenge to debate.

Maher, to his credit, is always willing to openly debate. Olbermann is a typical liberal coward who has NEVER openly debated a conservative on his show, and rarely appears outside his little safe haven of MSOBAMA.

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Olberman makes my skin crawl.....I have tried to tune in for a few minutes occasionally just to see the newest hate and lies he's spewing......And the way Maher tries to mock God and people of faith I'm surpised a lightning bolt didn't strike the set.


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