The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

A truck loaded with manufactured goods enter the United States from Mexico. Thanks to so-called free trade agreements, this truck passes fairly easily through customs and enters our interstate highway system. Instead of the destination specified on the drivers manifest, the truck diverts to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Concealed among the hundreds of cartons on this truck is a very heavy steel vessel, made heavier by the lead liner which conceals its contents, explosives and radioactive waste. A dirty bomb.

The driver has timed his arrival to coincide with good weather that promises to bring thousands downtown for a major event. The truck will not be able to actually get near the crowds, but close will be good enough when the explosives are detonated and wind carries a cloud of nuclear material across the thousands of citizens and the centers of business and commerce.

The specifics here are speculation; the city could be any large American city. The possibility, however, is real enough.

What do you think about such a scenario?
How would you expect our government to react?
How will Americans react?
Do we need to prepare for such an attack or for the government fallout that may follow?

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