The 9-12 Project of Central PA

"You Are NOT Alone!"

A State, County and Local Civil Action Plan

Taking any of these actions may result in adverse reaction by those in
today’s government. We recommend that no one should do anything that
they do not understand, believe in, and are not prepared to defend.
Citizens are encouraged to become knowledgeable about the law and the
potential legal consequences of their actions before taking them.

A) Aggressively encourage Citizen involvement in active
Freedom and Liberty loving groups at the State, County and Local levels.

When you learn about this Civil Action Plan, immediately inform
established organizations in your Freedom and Liberty movement
community about this Civil Action Plan at the State, County and Local
levels, using every lawful means possible, such as: meetings and all
other lawful communications methods.

Build an ever-increasing effective coalition of individuals by
continuing to build relationships with the leaders and members of
other Freedom and Liberty loving organizations/groups. Support their
lawful efforts and activities wherever and whenever possible, while
always spreading the word about the purposes and objectives of this
“Civil Action Plan”. Also help Citizens to get involved in an active,
involved organization/group. Build effective networking communities at
the Local, County and State levels. This is extremely important for
the success of our efforts.

Continue to educate and encourage ourselves and others to learn about
the true history and law concerning the Declaration of Independence,
the State Constitution, Constitution for the United States of America
and other supporting documents. Also continue to educate everyone
about this “Civil Action Plan” purpose and efforts.

B) Learn about “The Sheriff Project” and help others to do
the same.

Establish a “Sheriff Project” Coordinator and Alternate at the State
and County levels. (This may be expanded to include Area and/or
Regional Coordinators and Alternates as the workload requires.) If
possible select individuals who already know the Sheriff. Get other
Citizens of the County involved in “The Sheriff Project.”

Build, or expand, a relationship with the Sheriff in each County of
the State. Meet with the Sheriff, explain what we are doing, offer
your assistance and that of the growing Freedom and Liberty Citizens
in the County, ask him or her and their deputies to join our efforts.
Give the Sheriff a copy of Richard Mack’s book: The County Sheriff,
America’s Last Hope for discussion. Assess whether the Sheriff
understands the Constitution of the State and Constitution for the
United States, as well as the true powers and duties of the Sheriff.
Work to insure that the Sheriff in each County is informed and will
always support, obey and defend the Constitutions and the Citizen’s
constitutionally secured, protected and guaranteed rights. Consider
running for Sheriff if the Sheriff in your County is unwilling to
follow the true law.

C) Learn about the rights, duties and responsibilities
of the common law Grand Jury and the Petit Jury and help others to do
the same.

Establish a constitutional Grand Jury in each County of the State
according to law which is made up of Citizens of the County. This is
not the established jury system under the direction and control of the
County District Attorney or the State Attorney General, but rather a
jury of, for and by the People acting lawfully with the help and
protection of the Sheriff. The education of the Citizens is so
important in this regard. The people must also understand their
rights, duties and responsibilities, specifically when serving on
Grand and Petit Juries. The People have a right and a duty to judge
both the law and the facts in all cases according to true
constitutional law.

When anyone, particularly those individuals in government, violates a
valid constitutional law, violate their “oath of office” and/or
enforces a “color of law” statute, code, regulation, etc. in the
County, which is known to, or is brought to the attention of the
Sheriff by a Citizen, the Sheriff must do his or her lawful duty. This
duty includes, investigate if necessary, bring the evidence to the
Grand Jury, (which may lawfully execute and issue a presentment or
indictment) and ensure that the Accused is tried by a Petit Jury that
can judge both the law and the facts. If anyone, including any
attorney or judge, violates the rights of the Accused and/or any other
provision of the State and federal Constitutions, the Sheriff must
always do his or her duty to protect the Citizens.

D) Get involved in Local, County and State government.

Get to personally know and/or continue to build relations with those
in government at all levels to insure that each of them understands
the State Constitution and the Constitution for the United States of
America, and that they always follow their “oath of office”.

Work with those in government who will do their constitutional duty as
statesmen or stateswomen, and actively campaign to replace those
individuals that will not. Involve as many Freedom and Liberty loving
Citizens in this effort as possible. Lead by example. Networking,
education and taking effective focused actions are so important in
this regard.

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Floyd - good post; thanks! See you this evening at the Ramada.


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